Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inkjet Printers And Laser Printers

If you have your business at home, having a printer could be a good investment, therefore, you have to choose the type of printer that meets your printing needs. There are two types of printers to choose from, an inkjet printer that uses an inkjet cartridge such as HP which is a lot cheaper, or you can opt for a laser printer that may be a bit expensive as it uses a toner such as Canon toner. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these types of printers.

Inkjet Printers

With inkjet printers, drops of ink are propelled on to the paper during the printing process. The cartridges used are actually detachable. If it’s a coloured ink jet printer, it will include one black ink cartridge with three various colours of printer ink cartridge. This ink cartridge may be replaced or perhaps refilled by using a refill kit.

This particular printer is cheaper and could nevertheless generate top quality printing. You will need to make use of a particular paper to acquire good quality image printing. Most inkjet printers are compact and not heavy so they can be a space saver. The only drawback is that the speed is a bit slow and there are times that the print is slightly wet so it needs time to dry. The refill or replacement of ink cartridges may cost you more than expected.

Laser Printers

As for laser printers, a toner cartridge that uses toner powder is used. A toner powder is a dry and fine mixture of carbon particles and coloring agents. During the printing process, a laser beam is used to produce a good quality image. Among the most preferred toner cartridge manufacturers is Canon toner that may produce this type of high quality visuals.

The best thing about laser printers is that the images produced are very accurate and you may be able to produce large volumes of printed materials. The speed of printing is fast and the prints are dry when it comes out of the printer. The negative thing about this printer is that it is more expensive as well as somewhat heavier bigger than the inkjet printers.

There are many brands of cartridges in the market. One of the most preferred products are the HP ink cartridge for inkjet printers and Canon toner cartridge for laser printers.

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