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The original idea of this blog was to help small business owners, brick and mortar businesses, build a website for your business.  To explain why you should, and how YOU can do it yourself and not spend yourself into bankruptcy.  In my e-book, “Let’s Make Money Online”, I explain several ways to make money online….but what I don’t explain is how to take your current business online.   This article begins the journey, piece by piece, step by step in how to build a website for your business.

Giving YOU the Tools to Build a Website

I’m going to help you build a website for your business by giving YOU the tools you need, step by step, without breaking the bank!  If I could do it, trust me, so can you.  Just so you know, I paid $4000.00 to have a website created for my small pest control business, just to educate my customers, and I could have done the same thing myself (even without technological experience) for a mere fraction of the cost.  That’s why I want to help YOU!  I’m in the business of helping other small business owners by giving each one of you the tools you need to create a website that educates your consumer about your business.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone hold you by the keyboard and show you step by step?  In this post we will talk about your domain name for your small business.  You CAN build a website for your business!  Giving you the tools begins here, let’s get started.

Your Domain Name

Your domain name will likely be your current business name.  Although there are other companies that do the same service for you, GoDaddy is a favorite of many people and it’s the only one I use to choose a domain name.  Stick with what is tried and true, click on the following link to go direct to GoDaddy and get your domain name for as little as $7.99/yr so, click this link:    Several things to keep in mind when choosing your domain name.  The first is to try to choose your current business name as your domain name and select the .com as the domain.  If you are in America reading this blog, the most popular domains are .com….other countries, it doesn’t matter so much.  Other countries are apparently more adaptable than Americans and utilize other domains quite a bit.  As a test, type in your business name…chances are, your .com domain name is already taken, but if you scroll down you will see that GoDaddy suggests variations of your domain name.  See if one of those suggestions work for you, or create a variation of your name.  It won’t take long….ready? Go!   Okay, got your domain name?  I’m excited for you!  The next blog post will be all about your host, or where to “park” your website!

Brand New to Business?

Okay, so what happens if you don’t have a current brick and mortar business going and you are brand new to business?  Then you will want to give tremendous amounts of research time, considering your “brand”, who your customer is, how you are going to sell to that customer and much more.  But, if you have all that nailed down and are ready to begin creating a website, then by all means, choose your domain name.  Also, if you are brand new to business there is more to consider when picking a domain name.  The domains “.com” and “.biz” are excellent for business, but if you are creating an organization like a non-profit you will want to use a “.org” address.  To search out your options, spend some time at GoDaddy and type in the name you are considering.  This tells you if the name is available, below that the site offers variations, scroll further and you will find the different domain extensions and what they mean.  From there you can pick out the domain that serves you best.  Of course, “.com” is the most recognized and most used….but if you build website for your small business that has all the components it needs, you WILL be found…even if you are brand new to business.  You will also want to consider your special niche within your brand and depending on what your business is, perhaps you won’t even want your business name as your domain name at all!  There are way too many factors to consider within this blog post….the good news for you, is that I’m more than willing to help you too!   I may just consider you for some free consulting (normally $95.00/hr)!  Tell me why I should consider helping you with a free consultation in your email, just go to my contact page and send me a message.  So, if you are brand new to business….let me help you tooYou CAN build a website for your business!

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