Doing Successful Keyword Research in 6 steps

Most of the people (generally newbies) don’t understand the importance of keyword research. In this article I am going to explain the importance of if and the benefits you could get out of it.

When you need keyword research?

Doing keyword research can be worth or not depending on your way of marketing. If you want to build a long-term business it is a MUST. If you want to use PPC to sell product – it is a MUST. If you are going to use article marketing, you can go without it (sometime I don’t bother doing it though it can help me make more sales).

What are the benefits of keyword research?

Well basically you do it so you can get targeted traffic from search engines. If you want to get automated money from your websites (means after a while you stop promoting it, but you get highly targeted traffic from search engines) it is a must…Who doesn’t want automated money? I can’t think of anyone, lol.

How can I do keyword research?

First of all you need to know which are the main/best keyword research tools (that most of the Internet marketers use):

Google Adwords:Keyword Tool
WordTracker Keyword Suggestion Tool
SEO E-book Keyword Suggestion Tool

now I sometimes use all three of them (lol) sometimes just one, depending on how many keywords I want. Usually 4-5 are a enough. For this example I will use SEO E-book Keyword Suggestion Tool but the process with each should be the same. Here is exactly what I do:

  1. Say that I want to promote an e-book about getting rid of acne. I will go to the keyword tool and type “acne”.
  2. Some of them got my attention like “adult acne”,”acne home remedies”,”how to get rid of old acne scars” and some more, the main thing that you looking for is more than 50 searches.Some people say that you need at least 200 searches however since you are going to have 4-5 keywords it doesn’t really matter.
  3. Now I go to google, and type my each keyword looking how many results I will get. For  “acne home remedies” there are 449,000 results for “adult acne” there are 1,570,000 results and for “how to get rid of old acne scars” there are 761,000 results. Now I have to choose my main keyword.
  4. My situation is a little bit complicated.  As you see “acne home remedies” and “how to get rid of old acne scars” have similar results . At my keyword suggestion tool the first one has 114 searches and the second one 95. In a normal situation I would pick “acne home remedies” without a doubt,however, if you look at the keywords which ones audience  do you think will more likely buy the product you promote?
  5. People searching “Acne Home Remedies” will most are looking for a free way to get rid of their problem, but these looking for “how to get rid of old acne scars” people searching are probably desperate because they have their scars  from long time ago, and they are more likely to pay for a product.
  6. So I would choose “how to get rid of old acne scars” for my main keyword, and find the best secondary ones in the same principle.

If you think that something is not explained well enough feel free to ask it to me on comments

So that’s the whole process I go trough searching keywords for my websites, I hope you liked it and learn something useful from it.

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