Earn Employee Satisfaction

Dreams of your own business.

Most of us were employees at one time and most of us during that time dreamed of owning our own business. Either your boss was horrible and the thought was…”I could do it better!” or you had a boss that made it look easy, drove fancy cars, worked part-time, etc. What you didn’t get to see, was actually the reality, regardless of the boss you had. The horrible boss, may just have had rotten people skills but actually ran a business quite well and the “good” boss may have been deep in debt and headed for a heart attack. Principles of running a good business are the same for everyone, no matter how they actually handle themselves.

Employee Satisfaction or Dreams?

Why would some of your employees be dreaming of being your competition as we speak? Is there a disconnectbetween you and your employees? How do your employees view you…have you asked? Would they be shocked if you did? Having enmity between you and your employees could be the worst thing you do for your company. Let’s look at the facts….

  • Happy and content employees bring their positive attitude joyfully to your customers. They are eager to make a positive impact for you! A smiling employee, means a smiling customer.
  • Satisfied employees show up for work and are loyal, helping your business to maintain continuity. Your customer gets to develop relationship because your employees are there long enough to make that difference.
  • Respected employees exude confidence in their work, creating an environment of trust with customers.
  • Thankful employees approach their jobs with caring detail, eager to please their supervisor.

Let it be said that many of these traits are dependent upon individual personality, however they are also further dependent upon your treatment of them.

Leadership, it’s all in the presentation.

Treating employees the way YOU would want to be treated involves removing any attitude on your part that shows superiority, control, or disrespect. Embrace a “team attitude”and it will serve you well. You, being part of that team can be an encouragement to those you employ. The way you present yourself can make all the difference in the world:

  • Lead by example, not dictates or dominance.
  • Kind words of encouragement instead of continual criticism.
  • Asking opinions of others and caring what they think.
  • Include their views in decision making.
  • Show loyalty to your team and they will be loyal to you.
  • Respect their time as you want them to respect yours.
  • Express your appreciation, tell them they are valued.
  • Address your team appropriately, respectfully.
  • Communicate openly, remove the feel of hidden agendas and listen.
  • Reprimand employees in private only.
  • Be human and realize they are human too, we all make mistakes.
  • Develop rewards to put a tangible benefit to production.
  • Motivate by being motivated.
  • Invest in your employees education, it will benefit you both.
  • Pay appropriately for a job well done.
  • Be clear with your expectations, don’t confuse.
  • Make teamwork a priority to eliminate jealousy.
  • Be humble……..

Lest you think that your employees would just run over you or get out of line….this doesn’t mean you quit being the boss!  The effectiveness of being a team leader is, in part, allowing them to see you as human, but reflecting values they can respect and therefore emulate.   Showing respect to employees isn’t a weakness, rather,  it is a strength and most employees respond by giving their boss the respect they deserve in return.  The hope you have in this method is have a team of respected leaders, helping new employees to follow their (and your) leadership, because you CAN earn employee satisfaction.

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