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Expert advice for small business owners comes from where, exactly.  We read in Entrepreneur Magazine all kinds of business articles, and never question where these experts came from or if, they are even experts.  Looking at it, expert advice for small business depends greatly on the subject matter, entirely.  For instance, if you are a retail store specializing in gently used junior clothing, then you wouldn’t likely be an expert at plumbing…..but then the plumber would probably know nothing about gently used junior clothes either!  So, expert advice is a matter of perspective, isn’t it?  There are many entrepreneurs that are experts in one or many subjects and can help others negotiate the unknown, or educate someone less knowledgeable than they. Isn’t it fantastic that we all have our unique knowledge base and in our creativity, can do something a cut above our peers and perhaps even provide expert advice for small business?

You Provide Expert Advice

Regardless of what business you own, or hope to own, in order to be  successful you must have specific knowledge about your chosen field.  At some point, you will become the expert in that subject.  When you provide expert advice, it’s because you have experience and education that the person next to you may not have.  This doesn’t make you smarter than they are, it just accentuates your experience and education.  Have you considered, just for a moment, what you could provide to others and be viewed an expert?   Do you own a bridal shop?  Doesn’t that make you an expert on the fabrics, custom fitting, current style, body shape versus style, wedding trends and then some? You could then have your retail bridal shop, AND have a consulting business just for wedding gowns by doing a blog on the internet. The more knowledge you are able to share outside your shop, the more you position yourself as an expert and draw a following from a much larger venue than your store-front shop.   Perhaps you love to sew, you don’t have a business based on sewing…you just love to sew as a pastime and you have been sewing for years.  Could you have a blog about sewing with advice on fabric, revising patterns, tips on how to cut, layout a pattern, what thread to use with what fabric.  Or maybe you love to restore classic cars, start a blog on how to find those impossible to find parts, or who is an expert in chrome refinishing, or how to install a window crank.  The point is, most of us are an expert at something, whether it is a business or passion it’s something you can position yourself as an expert AND make money doing it!  You provide expert advice and I guarantee you can have a following that will pay some additional money!

Have A Blog?

Rather than a formal website, my suggestion is to start a WordPress Blog.  This is a website like the one you are looking at, fully interactive, constantly updated with fresh and new content and because there is consistent activity the search engines find your site and help you advertise!  Because your articles, written by an expert (you), are written in a way that utilizes certain words, called keywords, your site has relevance in the area you are speaking to.  If you have a blog, you own the site, nobody can close you down so you own your own internet real estate…for as long as you want.  The other thing to note is that while you generate interest having a blog, position yourself as an expert, you can also choose to monetize your blog.  Perhaps you want to sell certain dresses on your blog, or advertise them.  Perhaps you want to write an e-book about sewing or classic cars and sell your book.  Another thought is to do some “how to” video recordings and sell them as a training course. How about a video recording about sewing, or how to replace the steering wheel on a classic car, or a video on pest control, minor plumbing, what to look for in fabric and how to wash…maybe even how to sort laundry for teens?  Perhaps you want to sell a set of educational CDs, or a valuable written report on where to find exactly what people are looking for.  The sky is literally the limit when you think about it.  If you have a great idea…chase that dream with some research, see what people are looking for and how you might fit.  You can provide expert advice for small business or expert advice on just about anything….have a blog!

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