Get High Conversions in 2019

To help develop click through rates and conversions, a marketer should do a modest pre-selling to persuade the prospective target market to actually make a purchase.


This doesn’t mean that you have to write a lot of in-your-face ads with extreme statements and an unnecessary amount of !!! Exclamation marks!!!!!  This entire means that you have to suit a few uncertainties or issues that maybe in your customer’s mind.


There is no call for you to cover every minute detail about a product or service, as the merchant website will do this.  Just select a couple of key issues that you assume will positively persuade a visitor’s decision to buy.  These might include;


Ø  Promotional Offers.

If there is a promotional offer for a product or service then you should make your visitors aware of it.  Bear in mind to eliminate this content when the promotional offer is ended though.


Ø  Appropriate Pricing.

When purchasing something, most likely the biggest decision factor is the price.  You could keep away from mentioning the price, but if you do state the cost when the visitor visits the merchant site, they can read all about the product and service and then not get an upset. If a user clicks through to the merchant’s site knowing what the price is, then that means there is a big difficulty out of the way when aiming to convert them into a customer.  Including the shipping price (if applicable) can also help spell out the exact cost of an item.


Ø  Indicate Key Features.

There is no need to list the whole thing about a product or service, just emphasize the key features that your target audience will be pleased about.  Relating these key features into real world situations can also help, eg. ‘This motorcycle has power steering and sensors on both front and rear bumpers that make parking a breeze.’


Ø  Emphasize Warranty and Support.

Customer care is a vital factor for any customer, especially when buying a more luxurious item.  Letting your visitors know that a merchant has 24 hour support, free returns, set up assistance, 3 year warranty, 90 day money back guarantee, etc will help to build the possible customer feel more certain and reassured about buying from that particular merchant.


Ø  Restrictions.

Not all online retailers distribute worldwide.  There’s nothing more upsetting than going through the whole order process only for the confirmation page to have in small print ‘US and Canadian ship only’.  If you can assist your visitors by letting them recognize any delivery restrictions then they’ll understand it.

All this may look like filtering your visitors and putting some of them off, but the bigger picture is referring quality visitors to merchants, along with giving your website a sense of authority and professionalism.  The alternative of writing really sales copy and outlandish statements with no specifics about the product threats putting off customers who are ready to buy.


Your content doesn’t have to sell the product; the merchant’s site will do this.  You don’t have to be the greasy second hand car salesman, just be a buddy giving some good opinion and information.  Persuade the click through and get the target market in the right frame of mind to buy.

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