Grace and Business, Do They Mix?

Grace and business, do you see businesses that exemplify grace today?  Let’s be reminded of some of the definitions of the word, grace:

  • a special favor: privilege
  • disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency
  • a temporary exemption or reprieve
  • a charming or attractive trait or characteristic
  • a pleasing appearance or effect, charm
  • the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful

Wow, had you forgotten?  Did the clerks in your local grocery store extend grace to you today?  How about your auto mechanic?  While we like to believe in America that we are such an advanced nation in all ways, are we really?  Or have we forgotten the basic tenets of customer service, which all involve grace.  Kindness, thoughtful, considerate, courtesy, favor, pleasing appearance, attractive traits or characteristics, I’m not sure that I have seen many businesses exemplify these qualities lately.  Honestly, I think many of us would have benefited from “charm school”.   Obviously, if you want to offer your customers something that not many businesses do, try giving them grace.  Grace to still be kind and considerate, even if the customer is less than nice.  Grace to extend courtesy, just because you can.  Grace to go the extra mile, being at the ready to serve, anticipate what the customer may need or be interested in.  In the whole realm of advertising, marketing and presenting ourselves to our target audience have we gotten carried away with sales only mentality?


Your Customers Deserve Grace


Your customers deserve grace, they deserve something from you that is exemplary, top notch, speaking of a quiet, humble, confident ease in your manner.  Those business owners that may be a little older, can recall times when upon entering an establishment you were welcomed by someone with a pleasing attitude, courteous and helpful.  It wasn’t false, or “put on”, but real and customers then required it. Can you imagine if we started a grace revolution in our businesses?  I’m certain the repeat business would be astounding!  In this day of online everything, many of us don’t even “see” our customers, or perhaps even hear them with our ears.  You can still bring grace to your customers by following this excerpt from Kristin Hettermann’s article on grace:

“Grace is all of that, and so much more. Grace brings balance. It is a humbling yet uplifting presence that puts the perfect finishing touch on most everything. Associated with the softness of feminity, however making every man stronger. It is the magic that accompanies the work of every brilliant business person. And in these challenging economic times, it is grace that will help you weather the storm.

So how does grace apply to the principles of business? Grace is:

  • Pure commitment to purpose.
  • Compassionate and effective leadership.
  • Style that has substance and flair.
  • The fine tuning of details.
  • The deliverance of creativity.
  • The facilitation of clear connections.
  • Innovative strategic thinking.
  • Refined empowerment.
  • Clarity arising from chaos.
  • Embracing your nature.
  • The art of delivery.

Create, connect, inspire. Grace always Delivers.”

Grace In Your Everyday Business Practices,

Kristen’s excellent article captures the essence of grace that can be reflected in your everyday business practices, whether your business is online or offline.  You can be that business that gives favor or grace to your customer each and every time.  Plan for opportunity, plan for delivery of something special to your customers, be creative and make an effort toward being more attractive to your customer.  Everyday aspire to making one more small step toward the humble, rightness of grace in business.  Your customers will notice and you will feel a sense of confidence that you have just brushed shoulders with excellence in customer service.

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