How Do I Start Making Money Online

How are you going to start making money online? It’s up to you, there are many ways. I’m going to let you in on how I started…

The Beginning:

I’ve always been an entrepreneur… as a kid I was the one that brought sports cards, poke mon cards, and candy to school to make some money! Even when I was 16 I tried to start an eBay business that ended up screwing me over and making me not trust anyone. I wanted to sell the cool new thing, IPODS. I searched for months for whole sellers, contacting a lot of people and catching some scammers. The scammers were the ones that offered the product for so cheap you couldn’t resist, that’s when you have to think of the phrase “It’s to good to be true”. Well I finally found someone that sounded legit and I went for it. Now I wasn’t completely stupid, I didn’t just send the money, I made sure there was some kind of escrow service. So to reassure me he sent me to the website of an escrow service that he used a lot. So right now I’m very excited, I’m going to start my own “Internet Business” at 16 and make some good money. To make a long story short, after the money was sent there was no more contact from him. I went to the the escrow website and it was no longer up. He MADE the escrow website(trust me it looked very legit) and then took it down after he got the money. Wow, was I devastated and felt like a complete moron. So after that I pretty much gave up on trusting anyone over the internet and I just went out and found a regular job.

Live and learn… I started looking into affiliate marketing a few years after my incident and was very skeptical about it. That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate University and I started looking into it and reading what people think. And I honestly didn’t find one bad review about them. So I gave in, joined, and started my affiliate marketing. I started in Febuary 2008 knowing very little. Now its June and I’m making some money, not a ton, but I’m making money. And my profit continues to increase and the months go by.

Some Proof From A WA Member:

There are many different success stories from WA member, some make money the first week they start and some, like me, it takes a few months. There is a success section in the Wealthy Affiliate Forums that will blow your mind. When I first read this guys success post I was so jealous, but he worked his butt off for it. This is a screen shot straight from the WA Forums, read about his success.


Crazy huh!

Well, there are many affiliate marketing and online business training websites out there. WA is the best in my opinion. I see new members everyday in the forums that range from marketing gurus to complete noobies that don’t even know how to upload an image onto the internet. WA is there to make you successful and help you with everything that will get you there. Just go check it out, I recommend it to everyone that I know.

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