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Did you know that all that time you were posting in those forums you could have been making some money from it? Yup it works, I’m not just pulling the idea out of my rear. I have been doing it for a while now and it is very effective. Here’s what you do.

Think of what you enjoy:
If you aren’t already a part of a forum or two you need to sign up. Simply search Google for forums like this (Your hobbie or interest + forum) and it will come up with a large list of forums you can join. I’m a part of a bodybuilding forum, a couple web design and graphic design forums, and many internet marketing forums. I enjoy reading through the post and learning new things in these forums because they are of my interest.

Create Your Website:
Now you want to create the website that your going to be sending your forum buddies to. Either a landing page or a blog, which I prefer, would do just fine. Now if you’re new to marketing you don’t want to come across as just trying to sell crap to everyone that is going to look at your page. You want to show people that this product is very informative or going to help them in some kind of way. Don’t just pitch it to them, give them something first then suggest it.

How to do it:
Now you don’t want to go join a forum and create a new thread advertising your product and expect to make money with forums. Not going to happen. You want to build trust with other on the forums.

How to build trust?

  • Post very helpful threads about your niche/topic
  • Answer questions
  • Be Respectful
  • Give away freebies related to the niche

So How Do I Get People To My Website or Blog?
In most forums you are allowed a limited space at the bottom called a “signature”. A signature is where you can place anything from your name, to a favorite quote, to A LINK! This is how you’re going to drive traffic to your website/blog.

Why Would They Click On My Link?
This is where the trust comes in. All the time you put into helping others, being respectful, and giving away stuff is going to pay off… Literally! When someone trusts you they are going to see what you are all about and how you learned what you know. If you’re great at internet marketing and you are always helping “noobies” out on forums they are going to click on your signature link to see what it is. Now if it is something explaining how you got started in internet marketing after 100’s of dollars being wasted on other things then they are probably going to trust the product and go for it.

Forums are amazing for advertising, not only are you already targeting the specific niche you are in, but you are able to gain trust with potential buyers. Get out there and start posting in forums! You aren’t going to be able to pay your mortgage with these sales(feel free to prove me wrong :-)) but you are going to get some extra cash for not very much work. So go make money with forums now!

Good Luck,

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