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A person who takes care of and maintain these pipes and fittings called the plumber. We will repair or install pipes and other hydraulic equipment such as valves, pipes, water heaters, toilets and health, etc. It is important that the pipes and drains be in place, because it is not only comfort but also hygiene and good health.

About Hydraulics

This refers to plumbing piping systems and equipment installed in a house or building to bring water and waste disposal waterborne. The plumbing industry is a major industry today and well developed, without which the basic daily functions, such as washing hands or using the bathroom, tedious tasks. Every home and building water and requires the collection and disposal. Plumbing, however, differs from sewage systems, piping is a house or building, while sewerage systems are in a group or set of buildings or even an entire city.

What is required for a plumbing system?

Piping and tubing systems

Water systems installed in the old days used gravity to move water that transfers by a bamboo pipes, lead or clay. Today, modern water systems use a complex network of pipes, which are made of copper, brass, plastics and other non-toxic materials in connection with high-pressure pumps. Lead deleted in its use because it is very toxic, so low capacity water transfer. Today, queues and drainage pipes are made of steel, cast iron or plastic. The pieces that we see in a plumbing system called or pipes. A tube made generally by extrusion, but a pipe made by casting or welding. Pipes has thick walls and can be threaded or welded, while the serpent has thinner walls and are joined by special techniques to reach, such as compression fitting, welding or crimping. Plastic pipes require solvent welding to join.


It also requires some plumbing fixtures, pipes and tubes as well. Valves, tees, elbows and links to the unions that will be of need.


End users are using the luminaires. Luminaires are faucets, urinals, showers, bathtubs, urinals, toilets, there are toilets, sinks, icemakers, humidifiers, fountains, etc.


Materials needed for plumbing includes:

* Pumps

* Water Meters

* Backflow preventer

* Water softeners

* Expansion Tanks

* Water Heaters

* Meters

* Heat

* Filters

* Control

* Hydro Jets


Systems and subsystems for plumbing

* Surface, subsurface drainage systems and storm water

* Winds, traps and drains

* Portable hot and cold water supply systems

* Septic tanks

* Fuel gas tubes

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