Three Easy Steps To Making Money With Blogs

Three Easy Steps To Making Money With Blogs

Blogs are most ideal when first starting out online. If you’re not familiar with blogs, maybe you have your own Facebook, MySpace or some other social marketing page. Well, ultimately they’re similar, only…blogs are used ideally for expressing ones ideas and opinions on things held most dear to the author. As of late, there has been a surge in the amount of people using blogs as they’ve become aware of the great effect it can have on your online home business.

A blog can be used to communicate with a buyer when launching a new product or new website. Search engines tend to be ‘Blog Friendly’ so it’s much easier to rank high amongst the top search engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo). From my experience, I’ve seen instances were it has taken a user up to 3 months for them to get their site indexed by a major search engine, in the same instance, people have been able to get their site indexed within a mere 4 days while utilising the power of a blog.

Personally, I was completely shocked when I discovered such information. I came to the conclusion that, if I could get a blog indexed within such a small period of time, the amount of money I could potentially make would be endless. So I went ahead and started a whole bunch of blogs on different subjects, all of which are now indexed in the major search engines.

Blogging in essence is branding. It is your objective to make your audience see your expertise through your own unique blogging personality. It also enables you to express your unique business style within the market place and demonstrate clearly how you’re different from all your competitors.

Value of Blogging:

• Build your own virtual community.
• Provides a platform for expressing new ideas.
• Gets your name out there.

Today, I would like to guide you through the intricate steps to setting up your own personal blog and making money from it immediately. After you’ve gone through these steps, hopefully you’ll have some sense of direction for your future online business.

1. Blogger

Blogger is without a doubt the best blogging service out there, owned currently by Google. The main advantage of a Blogger blogs is quick indexing. Another plus to using Blogger blogs is that they are completely free, make sure you don’t violate your terms of use as Google as been known to punish users crudely and swiftly.

2. Subject

Once you’ve create your Blogger blog, your next priority would be to think of a topic that you can write about and teach others about. Make sure the topic you choose is of some interest to you. Your next step would be to conduct some keyword research on what people are searching for pertaining to your subject topic, then monetise these specific keywords into your blog posts.

3. Clickbank

Last but not least, go to ClickBank and find products that relate to your blog subject then create hop links for them. At the end of each post you can recommend a specific product which you may have possibly tried and test, the onus is on you.

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