What Is PPC And How To Do A Successful PPC Campaign

This is very popular form of internet marketing. A really fast and easy way to get targeted traffic to your website. Basically PPC means “Pay Per Click”. That is when someone shows your ads and when somebody clicks on them and you pay him a small/big amount of money depending on your agreement.You can create huge PPC campaigns ( Over 5 000 clicks) or smaller ones (usually 300-400 clicks).

Since this article will be about explaining what is PPC I firstly want to show you the major PPC programs and later on I will be showing you how to do a successful PPC campaign.

The top 3 PPC Program(in my opinion of course):

  • Google Adwords – the biggest and the best PPC program out there.  Basically you make a campaign and your ads appears on relevant sites (who use adsense) and on the first page of search results. For example go to google and type “make money online” the first tree results(at least for me) are covered in orange color and at the right-there are also links divided from those in the left with a line. These are ads from people who pay to google to show them for the keyword “make money online” (an example of PPC campaign).Sign Up As A Google Adwords Advertiser.
  • Yahoo!Search Marketing-This is similar to Adwords except that its run by Yahoo! and your ads also appear on the top of their search engine and are shown at sites with advertisements from Yahoo! Sign As A Yahoo!Search Marketing Advertiser.
  • Bidvertiser – I really don’t know much about them but they are getting to the top. They show your ads on relevant sites and you pay them for clicks.  You can choose the geographical targeting and etc.Bidvertiser gives you a lot of options to customize your ad.I firstly saw them in a forum and I though that they won’t do very well, but now few months later I’m noticing bidvertiser ads on many websites. They are definitely worth trying and they give you 20$ for free clicks if you work with them for the first time.Sign Up As A Bidvertiser Advertiser

There are actually more PPC programs but these are which I like the most.But here are some others which I haven’t used but I have heard good thing about them:

  • Sign Up As An Ad Brite Advertiser
  • Sign Up As An Obeus Advertiser
  • Sign Up As A Search Feed Advertiser
  • Sign Up As A Microsoft Ad Center Advertiser
  • Sign Up As An Exo Click Advertiser
  • Sign Up As A Miva Advertiser
  • Sign Up As An ABC Search Advertiser
  • Sign Up As An AdHere Advertiser
  • Sign Up As A Search 123 Advertiser

So these are the major PPC programs in the next part I want to talk about how you can make a great PPC campaign and the tools you need.

A Successful PPC Campaign.

Let’s  say that you are a ClickBank affiliate and want to start advertising with PPC. You decided to use Google Adwords for program. But you don’t know which product is the best to advertise.

This Will be a Step By Step Guide walktrough what you should do with some explanations.

Choosing The Product:

  1. Go to the ClickBank Marketplace.
  2. Choose a niche ( in the next article I will be talking about how to find a profitable niche.But for now lets say that you have found a good one.)
  3. Choosing the product to promote is kinda hard (especially if you do it for the 1st time) there are few things you should look at :
  • Conversation Rate-most of the advertisers give the PPC conversation rate in the description. You should be aiming for more that 2% ( That means that in 100 clicks you get 2 sales on average) the more the better.
  • Go for products that have low gravity – if there are so many people promoting it chances are that you won’t get so much sales than you would normally – Aim for products that have 50-150 gravity (you need to be sure that somebody earns money from it,right?)
  • Another important thing is how much you get from a sale – for example if you bid 0,15 $ on PPC and your conversation rate is 2% but you get 8 dollars from a single sale – that’s pointless. Try finding product that have high conversation rate and give you at least 15-20$ net profits from a sale

So Now You Have A Profitable Product.Time for setting up the PPC Campaign.

  1. Go to Google Adwors homepage.
  2. Sign Up.
  3. Important point here is to make some keyword research. Most of  the programs do this for their affiliates and you have the best keywords ready but if the program you promote hasn’t done this you can go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool.There you type relevant keyword to your product and the tool suggest you similar ones.You have to pick ones that have some advertising (if they don’t have advertisers they probably don’t pay very well) on them and have a lot of monthly searches.
  4. Set your budged -Important: Don’t set it more than actually you can pay. Go Slowly – if your budged is 50$ and the product you promote has lets say 2% conversation rate. You will pay like 0.15 $ for a click so you will actually get 333 clicks (LOL that’s funny)  if you get 20 $ for a sale and you get 6 sales on average – that’s 120$ you get. You get the money,pay google and set it up again but this time you bid more-70 $ and you can keep raising the budged until you are satisfied from the money you earn.
  5. The text in the ad is important. You have to make people want to click on it but not because it simply says “CLICK HERE REALLY COOL THING”, make the ad relevant to the product you promote and as descriptive as possible but in the same time being attractive.Using questions in the ad is good. Example:You promote a product that promises to get your ex gf/bf back (just saw it on the CB marketplace). I would use something like this “Do you still love your ex?Do you want to get him back?I will show you how.” So that way you give people information so they know where they are going (and you don’t waste clicks) and the ad stays still attractive.
  6. When you promote product with PPC you have to decide where to send the visitors – Directly to the authors website or you want to get them there trough a review page you set up earlier. In my opinion it’s best to go directly to the order page from recent test I made a well written review/ sales page can get better results than dirictly sending the visitors to the order page but it depends on you. Important: Google AdWords doesn’t  like affiliate links- so you can’t put it in the URL section of the add. A good option would be domain forwarding. Basically you buy a domain name (example: www (dot) getyourcuteexback (dot)com)and set it up so when someone clicks on in it will redirect to the order page but with your affiliate link. A good place for buying cheap domain names is Namecheap.com or Godaddy.com If you find some coupons even better.(Latter on I will be posting some coupons for both)

So that’s it- you just set up your first PPC campaign  .

Conclusion: If you have some budged (at least 50$) PPC is the best decision for you.Though I don’t recommend it for newbies or total newbies. In my opinion if you are in one of those groups don’t start with PPC.  You can make some money but it won’t be worth. My advice for you (newbies) is:

First try learning Internet marketing – make money without PPC and then go for it.  Good method is Bum Marketing.  It is possible to make money online without spending a dime. Do that and then you will qualify for the next level. Good place for learning will be my blog (self promoting lol) where I will cover up everything you need to make money online with proven strategies.

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